Tuesday, November 4, 2008

10 TIPS to beat hair loss

* Eat lots of paneer, spinach (palak), green veggies and milk.
* Regularly oil and shampoo your hair. That's a must at least three times a week, to nourish your scalp. Applied oil must be washed within 24 hours or else it could mix with dust and clog the pores.
* If you are allergic to oil then try to use medicated oil. Or else go in for a potion or hair tonic which has no component of oil. These too can nourish your scalp. They are also known as hair vitalisers.
* Henna is also a good scalp conditioner, but not a good hair conditioner as it tends to make the hair dry and brittle. Hence you must use oil after washing off the henna, before shampooing.
* Washing your hair after a session of rigorous exercise like gymming, jogging etc when the scalp tends to sweat a lot is a must.
* Once in a while chemical treatments like perming, chemical straightening etc are alright, but too much of it causes breakage of hair.
* Another reason for hair getting damaged is heat exposure to the hair and scalp, with a blow-dryer, hot oil or hot water and usings combs with sharp teeth.
* Never comb your hair when it is wet. Towel drying is the best way to dry your hair.

Why does hair fall?
Lack of hair oil, acute illness, dandruff, emotional shock or stress, thyroid problems, nutritional deficiency and hair colouring, sans the correct regime to go with it. Of these, stress is a major cause of hair loss and baldness, in India and this condition is called Alopecia areata. The cure for this is simple - learn to live a relaxed life through regular meditation, occasional massages, music, yoga and prayers, which are all excellent stress busters. Last but not the least, good hair is the barometer of good health, so practice these mantras and let your hair shine.