Thursday, November 6, 2008


Learn to use a hair straightening iron and let your hair speak your style statement. Straight hair is just a slide away.

Straight silky flowing hair is what most women desire. Hair is a women's crowning glory which only appreciates with love and care. Hair care products and hair treatments have been around the world since ages. At present straight hair seems to have captured the hearts of millions of women. Today, a woman with the curliest of tresses can have the straightest of hair. It is no secret that a straightening iron can press out all those unruly waves and curls to a sleek, shiny mane. 

Straight hair is easier to manage and there is a chic quality attached to them that makes them a hot favourite amongst women of all age groups. Straightening irons have now become an inseparable appliance for any beauty makeover. If you fancy straight hair but find it difficult to use straightening irons, read on to get some basic lessons on how to use a straightening iron.

Steps for using straightening iron 

Here are some easy steps which will help you learn to use a straightening iron. Follow these simple tips and get lovely straight hair falling on your cheeks. This method keeps hair straight till the next shampoo. Sprinkling water and excessive sweating may bring back the waves. Avoid rains and running around too much to maintain the look.

    1. Wash your hair using a good shampoo and a conditioner. Dry it using towel. 

    2. Apply hair protection products on your hair before straightening. You can use a combination of straightening balm and hair moisturiser or a hair serum. Avoid applying these products on the roots of hair. 

    3. Dry ypur hair properly before using straightening iron. 

    4. Brush your hair well so that the hair protection products applied are spread evenly through the hair. 

    5. Make several sections of your hair using clips. 

    6. Use thermal protection spray to protect your hair from heat. Spray it on the each section of hair from the distance of about one inch. 

    7. Plug your hair between the irons and glide it down to the end of hair, just like using a comb. You can use a comb to make this process easier. Start from the top exerting pressure and glide the iron towards the bottom of your hair. Repeat the process for all the sections of hair. 

    8. Apply smoothening product if possible after you finish straightening your hair. As frizzy hair gets settled your hair will appear smooth and attractive.
Now, that you know the process of hair straightening, all you need is a good hair straightening iron. Avoid using other heating appliances as it can cause hair fall and damage. Make sure that you buy a good ceramic coated hair straightening iron. 

Frequent straightening of hair is not good for the health of your hair. You can try it for special occasions. hair straightening exerts pressure on hair making it weak. So it is necessary that you take proper care of your hair. oil your hair and massage it regularly to make your hair strong. When you use hair straightening irons, make sure that you also use proper hair care products thus preventing hairloss. All the best!