Saturday, November 8, 2008

Health tips by Dr. Batras

1.    Asthma

a.    Keep your surrounding areas dust free .

b.    Avoid strong perfumes , excessive mental & physical strain and pesticides.

c.    Have a light and early dinner

d.    Avoid cold drinks , artificial coloured foods and oily food.

e.    Do regular breathing exercises.

2.    Arthritis

a.    Use a firm bed and a thin pillow

b.    Use a high bed chair

c.    Avoid lifting heavy objects

d.    Eat plenty of spinach , sprouts & sweet lime

e.    Keep your weight in check

f.     Avoid sour food

3.    Head pain

a.    Take adequate sleep.

b.    Avoid bright lights & loud noises.

c.    Don't overstrain your eyes.

d.    Regularize your lifestyle.

e.    Avoid self medication.

4.    Female disorders

a.    Treat anemia.

b.    Ensure good hygiene.

c.    Avoid late marriages & late pregnancies.

d.    Avoid use strong irritant soaps.

e.    Keep your weight in check.

5.    Skin disorders

a.    Use a mild soap

b.    Have a regular sun bath

c.    Avoid excessive scratching

d.    Avoid chocolates , nuts & fried food

e.    Have a balanced diet

6.    Stomach related disorders

a.    Eat your meals at regular intervals.

b.    Include plenty of fluids , green leafy vegetables & fresh salads.

c.    Chew your food thoroughly.

d.    Move your bowels regularly.

e.    Practice relaxation exercises regularly.

7.    Acne

a.    Use a mild soap

b.    Wash your face 4 to 5 times a day.

c.    Check dandruff.

d.    Do not squeeze or pick your pimples.

e.    Avoid use of cosmetics & ointments.

8.    Obesity

a.    Include plenty of fluids , salads.

b.    Do not eat in between meals.

c.    Avoid fried foods , chocolates & sweets.

d.    Avoid mental stress & strain.

e.    Exercise regularly

9.    Leucoderma

a.    Expose the effected areas to morning sunlight - 30 minutes per day.

b.    Include plenty of iron in your diet.

c.    Avoid tamarind , fish & sour food.

d.    Avoid use of creams & powders.

e.    Relax mentally.

10. Psoriasis

a.    Use a mild soap.

b.    Avoid creams and powders.

c.    Wear light cotton clothing.

d.    Keep your skin clean.

e.    Avoid excessive scratching.

11. Diabetes

a.    Keep your weight in check.

b.    Include plenty of fibre in your food.

c.    Make exercise a part of your routine.

d.    Check your sugar level regularly.

e.    Don't ignore even a mild wound or injury.

12. Hair loss

a.    Control dandruff.

b.    Avoid wearing a helmet for long hours.

c.    Include plenty of protein in your diet.

d.    Avoid frequent change in oils and shampoos.

e.    Do not use soap on your scalp.