Friday, October 24, 2008

How to View High Quality YouTube Videos on the internet

I personally love watching youtube videos and sometimes that fuzzy FLV resolution just doesn't do it for me. I always wanted to see the youtube videos with a higher quality and I have found a way to do this. There is a downside, you must have a high speed internet to view high quality youtube videos over the internet.

How to watch high quality youtube videos

  • Login to your youtube account

  • Next to the word account there is a small drop down arrow

  • Press on this for a menu to appear

  • From this menu choose more..

  • Then scroll down the page and under the heading account, choose video playback quality

  • Put a check next to I have a fast internet connection. Always play higher quality video when it is available..

  • Save settings. That's it.

    Now when you are logged into your account and you want to watch a Youtube video it will show you the highest quality resolution for that video. If nothings happens and it is still the low quality FLV version then that just means that youtube video is not available in a higher quality yet.

    There is also another little trick you can do to see if a youtube video has a higher quality video available. You simply add &fmt=6 to the end of the url in the address bar in your internet browser. For example a url of one my video's is and to see it in higher quality you would change it to
    This only works if there is a higher resolution video available.

  • Notes:
    When there is not a higher quality when you add &fmt=6 then you can also try adding &fmt=18 to the URL to get MP4 instead FLV.