Saturday, October 25, 2008

Making Strong Hair

I asked many people that what your major problem is. Maximum of them answered me that my hair is continuously falling. Why this problem occurs and how to tackle this? Lack of vitamins and nutrition’s is the main cause of hair fall. Not maintaining the hair by using necessary shampoos and oils. Control of foods.Here are some tips to beautiful your hair style naturally.
Have proper and healthy foods containing vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E which is crucial for good blood circulation to the scalp by increasing oxygen intake. Use natural shampoos for washing your hair. Use Coconut Oil regularly which has high affinity for hair proteins. Comb your hair smoothly and gently until your hair is smooth.This looks great for you…So try it out.


Rajeev said...

yes and Castor oil is good too (amla oil& almond)pumkin seed have lysine and egg has Zinc! eat at least 3 cups of beans a wekk beacuse it contain folic acid and anti-oxidant! do not wash hair more than 2 times a week! massage your hair with finger tips. gently! dunt eat oily and sugar cold drink! END Stress!! if my advice work then thank me at 917-254-9848!